Baby Goose Rhyme Time

Discover the power and pleasure of rhymes, songs, and stories!  Bounce away with us and connect with other parents/caregivers.  Designed for ages birth to 12 months.  Free to attend.  Drop-in

"Most of us are aware that sharing books with the young people in our lives is very important, but did you know that even newborn babies can benefit from being exposed to written material? Pre-reading skills can be practiced with your child from birth."
- to learn more, check out Heather's article in the April 2017 Booker's Buzz Newsletter

"There are many techniques that you can use to capture and hold your young one’s interest, but it is important to know when to move on to another activity too."
- to learn more, check out Heather's article in the May 2017 Booker's Buzz Newsletter

"In order to maximize your child’s learning potential and best capture their attention, it is important to choose books that are age appropriate."
- to learn more, check out Heather's article in the June 2017 Booker's Buzz Newsletter

Baby Goose is now over for the season and will resume in Fall 2017. Join us July & August for Mother Goose in the Park on Thursday mornings.