Assistive Workstation

For those without disabilities, the use of modern technologies is simply convenient.  For a person living with a disability, modern technology makes things possible.  This is why the Strathmore Municipal library is pleased to provide an assistive computer workstation with a variety of programs created to aid a wide range of disabilities. 

Programs Offered

The features offered for this particular workstation are the following:

Read and Write Gold Software
This is an interactive text to speech program that has been designed to help computer users with reading and writing difficulties, such as dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities.  This is a very unique program that reads aloud to the user and adapts to their specific profile.  Essentially, it grows and learns with the user.  It also has the ability to scan documents and capture text and graphics to organize them into a folder to aid with study.

Word Q
A word prediction and speech recognition software that offers writing support to those who struggle with speech and writing for a variety of reasons.

Switch Adapted Trackball
An accessory designed for individuals who have limited motor control and are unable to use a standard mouse.

Large Keys Keyboard
Is a keyboard designed for those who have difficulty seeing the existing commands on a standard computer.  It is user-friendly and helpful to those who require larger keys.

If you require any further information or would like to book an appointment for an introduction tutorial on how to use the computer, please contact us.

Special Recognition

The Strathmore Municipal Library would like to thank Mr. W. Brett Wilson and the Prairie Merchant Corporation for the generous donation that helped make this purchase possible.  Thanks to a grant by the Community Access Program and Mr. Wilson's generous donation, the library is truly excited to provide this technology to the community!