Vince Kanarek

Animal Spirit Guides
Vince Kanarek

Artist Biography
Vince is native to Alberta and has been drawing from an early age. Continuing his passion for art throughout his teens and high school, Vince excelled at drawing and often created pieces for friends and family. Fully realizing his need to pursue these passions in 2001, Vince attended the Alberta College of Arts and Design and graduted in 2006 with a Degree in Visual Communication, majoring in Character Illustration.

Since then, Vince has pursed a variety of Illustrative styles with various types of traditional and digital media. He has also pursed the Graphic Arts with experience in client branding and communication, as well as gaining knowledge and experince with various printers and the printing process.

Artists Statement
Spending a lot of time outdoors in nature throughout my life has allowed me to appreciate the beautiful complexity and simplicity of life outside the human constructed model. When immersing yourself in nature, you can start to understand the philosphical idea of "Oneness" and how we were all connected since we are a part of nature. Animals play a large role in our existence but are often treated as different and inferior, my personal experience has taught me otherwise. The animal world has much to teach us, they share this world with us, they each have qualities and characteristics that are relflected through their behaviours and activities. They are experts at survival and adaptation, they can be nurturers and protectors, they can embody strength and courage. Through them we can learn to understand ourselves and the invisible world. They are our teachers, our friends, our companions.

I have always had the urge to "make marks," drawing seems natural to me. For these Animal Spirit Guide pieces, I used soft pastels and conte. These are very tactile mediums with a nice raw and natural feel to them. These pieces are a tribue to my own animal spirit guides, along with some others that have connected with me along the way. In these pieces, I am not only expressing the subtle characteristics of what each animal spirit guide embodies, but also to capture that moment you share together when you make contact eye-to-eye. Sharing a moment like that can be an intense and unforgetable experience that one can learn from if you are listening closely enough.