Resources & Support for Families

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Aspen Commons Family Resource Network Hub

Telephone Support - One-on-One support for all ages - no internet required. 

Contact Rhonda at (403) 690-1237

Covid-19 Virtual Story Time with Rhonda from Aspen Commons

Alberta Health Services 

Families across Alberta are changing their routines and we all need to take steps to stay healthy a home.  Dealing with this change can be stressful.  Routines can help parents and their children feel calmer and more comfortable.  Consistency and structure are calming during times of stress.  Take time with your family to bring some structure to your days and develop a routine.  Below are a couple great resources to help families during this time.  Click on the links to download.

Building Resilient Families - Promoting positive mental and physical health

Coping at Home for Families - Supporting your wellbeing through meaningful activity and leisure during COVID-19.