Hope 4 the Future

Hope 4 the Future are community based programs that are new to Strathmore and Wheatland County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs are designed to support living with and recovering from life disruptions during the pandemic and creating mutual support for those who face challenges during these trying times. The programs are broken up into 3 different groups:

Hope 4 the Future: Parents of Preschoolers (POP)

This program is geared towards parents of preschoolers aged 3 to 5 years, experiencing increased anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic and inturn has impacted their children. The facilitated child/parent programming will offer a safe environment to gather and learn self regulation through role modeling. It is all about instilling hope to our families in the community and normalizing the challenges we are all facing during these trying times.

Please contact Audra with any questions.

Audra Anderson, POP Wellness Facilitator



Hope 4 the Future: Building Foundations (Ages 15 - 24)

This program supports the transition to adulthood alongside the challenges that have been heightened or created during the pandemic. We are here to instill hope to the youth and young adults in the community by finding ways to support one another and build the necessary life skills for the future. You have participated in our Lunch to Go and our summer Life HACKS Scavenger Hunt, but this month we have “Hit the Snooze Button” sleep event and “Self Care Toolkits.” We have something planned weekly so find our events on Wheatland Youth Network Facebook.

Please contact Adelaide with any questions.

Adelaide Milian Stewart, Wellness Facilitator (15-24)



Hope 4 the Future: Seniors Wellness (Ages 55+)

This program is about addressing the social isolation of individuals 55+ years of age that has gotten worse during the pandemic, as well as increasing their knowledge of technology to stay engaged. It is all about changing the attitude and experience of the pandemic by encouraging positive reinforcement through sharing for this age group.Check for the events calendar on www.bridgingthegapalberta.ca for our weekly events like “Better Sleep Please” and “Express Yourself - Self Care Through Creativity!”

Please contact Audra with any questions.

Audra Anderson, Seniors Wellness Facilitator (55+)



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