Sibil Simmons

The Strathmore Municipal Library is honoured to welcome Sibil Simmons as our March art gallery exhibitor! 

Artist Biography

Sibil was born in Nova Scotia 1959. She resided there until she was 18, after which time she moved to Alberta. Sibil always loved to draw and paint from a very young age. Her passion for manipulating color grew when she first started experimenting with oil paints on canvas.

Two years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was working for a smaller trucking company delivering food to grocery stores. The company was sold, and they laid off many employees. Struggling to find new employment, Sibil found herself homeless and was forced to live in her vehicle for almost 2 years. With the help and support of many kind people, she was able to find a rental in a rural home just outside of Strathmore.

With some stability back in her life, Sibil found the inspiration to pick up her brush and palette knife again and resumed painting. Now she paints with acrylics on canvas, depicting her life experiences with much passion and love recognizing all those who helped her through the hard times she endured.

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