Rachel Neil

This month the library welcomes local artist Rachel Neil as May's feature art exhibition.   

Originally from Montreal, Rachel Nardelli Moved to BC as a teen, where she learned about dot art.  She loved creating pointillism pieces so much that she stuck to that medium mostly.  She adds color with pencil crayons or some water paint.

Rachel later moved to Alberta where she spent a decade in the NE Calgary, where she got married in her backyard.  Now Rachel Neil, moved to Strathmore to raise her family, her pets, and 2 kids.  After taking hairdressing in Kelowna B.C., Rachel became a licensed hair stylist and has a Salon in her home.

Rachel has a piano studio where she teaches piano to students of all ages.  She learned piano as a child in Montreal at the Royal Academy of Music.  Rachel is trying to revive her art and creating new pieces. 

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