English Language Learning

Do you need help with your English skills? 

SAIL is here to help English Language Learners increase their language skills, improve their knowledge of community, and build connections.  We can help with you in-person or online.  

Learn English - Beginner

WEDNESDAYS   |   SEPTEMBER 20 - NOVEMBER 8   |   6:30 PM TO 8:00 PM   |   $30*

Want to learn English? This class is for beginners and will allow learners to learn, practice, and connect.

*Financial assistance available.


Learn More English - Intermediate/Advanced Level

WEDNESDAYS   |   OCTOBER 4 - DECEMBER 20   |   1:00 PM TO 2:30 PM   |   $45*

If you speak some English, but you want to improve your vocabulary and be more comfortable with reading and writing, this class is for you.

This is a small class where you can improve your English and have fun!

*Financial assistance available.