Other Skills

S'more Skills for Men

WEDNESDAYS  |  6:30 PM TO 8:00 PM  |  OCT. 12 TO NOV.30 |  $30

On-line through Zoom.

Didn't make it into or through school?  You can improve your future. We're happy to support your learning journey.

We help men return to learn.

Topics include:

  • The art of conversation.
  • Getting outside our comfort zone.
  • How we see things shape our world.
  • Understanding and managing our emotions
  • Practices for taking care of our sadness.
  • Sleep is a super power.
  • The beauty of slowing down.
  • You belong.


*Financial assistance available

SAIL Men's Circle

Please pre-register below if you are interested in this type of class in the future. 

On-line through Zoom.

SAIL Men’s Circle is a brave, non-judgmental space held to talk about healthy masculinity and issues that face men today.  We are here to support each other on our shared and individual journeys.

Are you interested in joining the SAIL Men's Circle?  Register below. 


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