Take Home Art Kits

Art kits are now available for all ages.  Kits are available while supplies last. 

Birthday Card Kit

Join Heather Ulmer of Wild Whisper Designs as she teaches you how to create a beautiful birthday card. 


Hello Card Kit

Join Heather Ulmer from Wild Whisper Designs as she teaches you how to make a general hello card for that special someone. 


Watercolour Kit

Join artist Olivia Reardon from the Strathmore Municipal Library as she teaches 3 exciting watercolour tutorials.  




Additional Videos

We are pleased to offer several additional tutorial videos on bannock making, seniors yoga, and meditation.  

Bannock Making

Join Darlene Yellow Old Woman-Munro as she teaches the Indigenous craft of Bannock Making.  Participants will need to supply their own ingredients for this tutorial.  This video is available to view on the iPads as well as on our private New Horizon's YouTube channel.  


Seniors Yoga & Meditation

Join local yoga teacher Becky Stone as she teaches a variety of seniors yoga and meditation techniques. Becky is a lover of libraries, seniors and yoga!  Becky is an E-RTY500 and Pain Care Aware Level 2 yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. She is excited to collaborate to bring these accessible yoga classes designed for all experience levels and abilities for our local seniors. 

About the Videos

While these videos were created keeping the common needs and challenges of seniors in mind, please know that these videos are created for those with general good health and normal aging characteristics. All new exercise programs should be undertaken with consultation of your health care providers if you have chronic or persistent health concerns. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. iambeckystone@gmail.com

Breath Practices

Length: 28:32

Seated in a chair, in this class we explore the Dirgha (deer-gah) Pranayama, the complete breath that is essential for health. Learn how to use counting techniques to regulate the breath for different outcomes.


Meditation Upon the Senses

Length: 17:42

Engaging mindfully in the senses can be a wonderful way to quiet the mind and to find joy in each present moment. Enjoy a guided meditation that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


Moving Into Stillness Meditation

Length: 24:21

In connecting movement and breath, we can harness the unruly mind. I know this practice is as the Hand Meditation. In addition to being a wonderful meditation that relieves stress, it aids in improving concentration, memory, coordination and other brain functions.


Yoga on the Floor for Seniors

Length: 55:49

Did you know that it is an essential aging skill to be able to successfully navigate being on the ground? This balanced series is great if you CAN get to the floor (even if it isn't pretty getting there), and for the full class we remain in various positions on the ground.


Balanced Yoga Class for Seniors

Length: 1:11:49

A balanced yoga class that includes a full warm up, floor and standing poses and a guided relaxation on our backs to conclude. This class will require the ability to be able to get down to the floor and up again several times throughout the session. Even if it isn’t graceful or easy for you to do so, I encourage you to practice. This is an important ability to cultivate and maintain as we age.


Chair Yoga Class for Seniors

Length: 40:23

This entire class is done from a seated position on a chair, accessible for those who may be in a wheelchair, or for those unable to stand or come to the floor for any reason, or for any time when a seated practice is best for you such as when you are at the office.


Chair and Standing Yoga Class for Seniors

Length: 43:38

This class is refreshing and invigorating, including standing and seated poses using a chair. A great class to aid in improving balance, concentration and relieving stress.


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