Story Walks

If you're up for an adventure, take a stroll around Kinsmen Park to view our Story Walk!

From July 21st-August 7th the story Stego-cumulus by Hilary Leung will be posted on the trees in Kinsmen Park!

The book pages are posted on the right trail when you enter from the Water Park parking lot. Where the path splits, follow the left trail until you reach page 18!

Enjoy the "treasure hunt" for each page! 

Help kids learn to count by making sure they read the story in order!

The magic of cloud watching: where daydreaming and science meet!
Panda loves the shapes and stories of the clouds in the sky; Parrot can only see the science. It seems like they will never agree.
But when they're apart, they realize how much they miss each other, and that maybe, it's their differences that make them better together.
A story of friendship, imagination and discovery — and the joy of taking in the world around you.
A playful non-fiction section at the back from Parrot's cloud notebook —annotated with Panda's doodles and thoughts — provides further information on cloud types.