LITerary Teens

Hang-out online with us this summer!

If you are in the program and have not received an email, there seems to be an issue. Please contact

We'll be hosting weekly meetings every Friday at 2:00pm!

Enjoy meeting new people, playing online games, participating in reading challenges, and more!

The program will start on Friday, July 10th and run until August 14th!
For Ages 13-19!

If you want to join the program please register with a Gmail account!

A large portion of the program will be hosted on Google classroom. In order to access this content you must use a Gmail account.

Live hangouts will be hosted on Zoom!

Register on the form at the bottom of the page!

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Weekly Themes:
  • Biographies - Introductions
  • Coming-of-Age - Facing the Future together
  • Poetry - Explore the arts 
  • Fantasy - Dream Big
  • Mystery - Problem Solve
  • Adventure - End of the Program Celebration

Reading Challenges:
  1. Speed Reading
  2. Most Time Spent Reading
  3. Read Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can sign up for 2 of the challenges! There will be prizes awarded to the winners of each category!

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Cost: There is no official fee for the LITerary Teens program as we want to support the whole community during this time, but we do encourage a $5 donation per participant.  We appreciate your support.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do you mean by a virtual program?

A: All program events will be hosted online on Zoom or Google Classroom


Q: Is there a fee for the LITerature TEENS Program this year?

A: The fee this year will be by donation, we are recommending a $5 donation to help the program and prizes excel!


Q: How does google classroom work?

A: To access google classroom you will need to be registered on the Library's website. You will need a Gmail account to enter the classroom, you will then be provided with a classroom code to enter into the group. Inside the classroom, you will be able to access all content and interact with peers.

If you need help accessing google classroom, this helpful guide made by the summer reading program coordinator Shayla is very helpful! Click here!


Q: How will I interact on google classroom?

A: The chat will be active for students, and there will be a weekly #LITeratureTEENS contest where we will highlight a social media post from the previous week if it is posted with our hashtag! If you want to participate in this contest your Instagram/Facebook account cannot be private. You will also be able to post pictures, but they must be accepted by the moderator before they are published.

Q: Will anything be distributed for the students?

A: Yes! Depending on the Student's response there will be anywhere from one - five packages to enhance the program!

Q: I'm 13, can I join this group?

A: Yes! You can choose between the Summer Reading Program group for grades 5-7 or LITerary TEENS!

Q: I have a job, should I still sign up?

A: Even if you miss the Friday hang out sessions you can still sign up to see crafts and request materials for them! You can also still compete for prizes! We'd be happy to have you!

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