Library Board

The Library Board is the body appointed by the Town of Strathmore Municipal council, which is responsible for the full management and control of the library.  It is responsible for the identity, continuity, and the progress of the library through periods of changing staff and conditions.  It represents a community trust going far beyond the immediate concerns of the library.  The Board has the ultimate responsibility for the direction and goals of the library.

2023 Strathmore Municipal Library Board of Trustees

Chair: Ann Horn

Vice-Chair: Melissa Langmaid

Secretary: Caleigh Haworth

Treasurer: Gary Jensen

Trustees: Taura Fox Walker, Ruth McCluskey, Marie Mortreuil, Sunday Adeola

Finance & Audit Committee Chair: Sunday Adeola
Committee members: Ann Horn, Gary Jensen

Policy & Governance Committee Chair: Melissa Langmaid
Committee members: Ann Horn, Caleigh Haworth

Strategy & Community Committee Chair: Ruth McCluskey
Committee members: Taura Fox Walker, Ann Horn

Board Roles and Responsibilities

The Library Board is an autonomous legal entity, deriving its authority as a corporation from the municipal bylaw which established it and The Alberta Libraries Act.  The Library Board does not own the physical building that houses the Strathmore Municipal Library but it does own and govern the organization it has put in place to achieve the Library’s goals and objectives.
The Board is responsible for:

  • Establishing the purpose of the Library, and seeing that it is implemented through a vision and mission and self-governance and operational policies
  • Planning for the future and setting the rate of progress towards achievement of the Library’s purpose through goals and objectives with timelines, by ensuring sufficient funds to achieve the budget, and by overseeing the budget and funding allocation
  • Providing continuity in the Library through bylaws, policy, records, and reports of Board activity
  • Creating and confirming the Library’s identity in the community through advocacy and lobbying
  • Hiring, monitoring, and evaluating the Director of Library Services position

How do I become a Library Board Trustee?
Come by the library to pick up a Trustee application form or print the one below.  Drop off your application with the library and we will submit your application to the Town of Strathmore for appointment.

Email the Board

Library Board Application