Summer Reading Program


Theme: Game On! 

This summer, join us online to achieve personal excellence. We will be using Google Classroom to post live events, activities, book recommendations and crafts! We'll learn about the world, ourselves, and team-work as we explore different types of games!

The Summer Reading Program is dedicated to providing the best interactive learning experiences we can. We want to push our limits and give our best despite the physical limitations of the program this year, all for the love of the game.

If you want to join the program Please register for a Gmail account! 

To access the google classroom content your child will have to be registered for the summer reading program, but you can register at anytime to access all past content.  

We will also be organizing Unregistered Fridays! Follow our Facebook to make sure you don't miss out!

Weekly Themes:

The Great Outdoors - explore nature and get outside

Game On - learn how to code and play video games

Oh Canada - play Canadian and Indigenous sports

Puzzles and Problems - solve puzzles, make math fun, and learn problem-solving

Hands On - participate in crafts at home at the same time as the coordinators

Olympic - explore Olympic games and team-sports

There will be reading logs for kids to use, and prizes at the end of the summer for whoever reads for the most hours in each of the groups!

The Program will run from Monday, July 6th to Friday, August 14, 2020. 

Parents will be contacted around a week after registration for information regarding take-home packages!

Cost: There is no official fee for the Summer Reading Program this year as we want to support the whole community during this time, but we do encourage a $5 donation. 



Ages 3-5
Must be 3 years old by June 30th, 2020

Grades K-1
Have finished Kindergarten or Grade 1 by June 30th, 2020


Grades 2-4
Have finished Grades 2, 3 or 4 by June 30th, 2020

Grades 5-7
Have finished Grades 5, 6, or 7 by June 30, 2020


Unregistered Facebook Events

*You will need to "register" for Friday activities if you want supplies sent to you.  Otherwise, you will need to supply the craft materials for yourself.

Make sure to check #srpfridays on Facebook for announcements!

Frequently Asked SRP Questions:

 Q: Are you running a Summer Reading Program this year?

 A: Yes!  However, this year's program will be much different.  We will not be running an in-person program; however, we will be running a virtual program. 


 Q: What do you mean by a virtual program?  

 A: This means that everything we do will be posted or hosted online. In either google classrooms or on the Strathmore Library Facebook page. 


 Q: Is there a fee for the Summer Reading Program this year?

 A: The fee this year will be by donation, we are recommending a $5 donation per child this summer to help us supply extra fun things this year!


 Q: How does google classroom work?

 A: To access google classroom your child will need to be registered on the Library's website. As well you will need a Gmail account to enter the classroom, you will then be provided with a classroom code to enter into the group. Inside the classroom, your child will be able to access all content and interact with their peers.


 Q: How will my child interact on google classroom?

 A: We will be doing activities where you can take pictures of your children, which can then be posted on our classroom stream. The pictures will be sent to the classroom, where we have a two strike system. After an initial warning you will be muted if you are posting inappropriate content. Your children will be able to comment on these pictures to cheer on their friends. As well we will be hosting different live activities where your children can interact with each other and Morgan and Shayla as well. The only people who are able to access the pictures and posts will be participants in the classroom.


 Q: Will there be unregistered programming?

 A: Yes! Every Friday we will be hosting an event on the Strathmore Library Facebook page, that anybody can take part in. However, you must register to access classroom material.


 Q: Will my child only be online all summer?

 A: No we hope not! Some activities will be online, however a lot of the activities and crafts we are creating can be done outside and offline! 


 Q: Will there be prizes this summer?

 A: Yes! We have tons of awesome prizes that will be given out to the top reader in each group! To be eligible for these prizes your child will need to pick up a reading log, or print one at home, to keep track of how many hours they read this summer! You do not need to be registered to take part in the reading log prize challenge! You will find the reading logs in your google classroom, or if you are not registered you can email us at Furthermore, you can always pick up a reading log at the Library!


 Q: If I don’t have access to online all the time how can my child participate? 

 A: We are planning on creating paper packages every week, with needed supplies and instructions. These will be supplemented with online videos, but are not necessary to participate. 


Q: How do I get supplies?

A: Out of the ordinary items/materials will be supplied by the Library. However, there is a list of recommended supplies that we will not be able to hand out every week. See below for a list of needed supplies. If you can’t obtain any of the supplies please let us know at


 Q: I’m not comfortable picking up supplies, what should I do?

 A: The supplies we will be providing this summer will be pre-portioned on site at the library, for you to pick up. If you’re not comfortable with picking up the supplied items please feel free supply them yourself! We will post a list of supplies every Monday for the upcoming week!


Q: How do I log into Google Classroom?

A: Video Tutorial

Q: How do I use Google Classroom?

A: Video Tutorial

Basic Supplies for crafts:
  • Glue (white & stick)
  • Colouring Utensil (markers, pencil crayons, &/or crayons)
  • Basic White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape (any kind - clear, painters, etc.)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint (at least Red/Blue/Yellow)
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Tin Foil
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Dice


Friday Unregistered Activity Supplies
  • Old (or new) white cotton shirt
  • Vinegar
  • Egg Shell(s)
  • Big Rock(s) or several little ones
  • Drop cloth (for paint pouring - can use plastic, ie. garbage bags)
  • Paint (at least Red/Blue/Yellow)