Larry McTaggart & Terry Bunston

Larry McTaggart

My name is Larry McTaggart. My wife and I have lived in Strathmore since 1985. In 1974  I was in the military stationed in Cold Lake Alberta. It was there I got interested in photography . I made friends with a guy who was a “ photo technician “ on the base. With his help he saved me hours of wondering what I did wrong with my pictures.

When I retired in 1982, I didn’t have time to do photography, too busy trying to get use to “civi street” ! In the 90s I was more settled but I didn’t really like digital photography so I bought a point and shoot camera , took pictures and then drew them in pen&ink .

In 2008  I got the “bug” again. I found an old digital SLR in a pawn shop and bought it. Well I fell in love with photography all over again. So here I am today with a showing in our local library. I also have some pictures for sale in the Strathmore Vault!

I’ve met many awesome local photographers here! So I’ll keep shooting as long as I can! 

Terence (Terry) Bunston

Hi my name is Terence (Terry) Bunston, and I started taking photos back in the stone age with a Kodak Brownie, bought for me by my father for getting better grades at school. That did not last very long for as a kid I could not afford the film, processing and printing of my shots.

I restarted my interest when I bought a Voitlander split image 35mm in 1967 (Bronze age) and have continued taking photos ever since. Progressing to a Canon A1 35mm then to an AE1 and then to digital when I bought a computer package that included a 1.5 MP Fuji MX500 camera and that changed everything. Being able to take as many photos as I like and then edit them on a computer was like magic. Progressing to a Minolta Dimage Z1 3.5MP (WOW) with a 10X zoom. I didn't think it would get any better. How wrong can you get!!!!!

I now use a Canon ESO 300D Rebel with the standard 55 - 18 mm lens and the addition of a 55 - 250mm lens it has done everything I want it to for the last 10 years. People  tell me that I should upgrade to a more modern camera but now I am used to it characteristics and really don't want to change.

I, with a colleague Larry, are holding an exhibition of our photographs at the Strathmore Library for the whole month of February, and we invite you to come along and take a look. You might see something you would like to own.