Carmen Erison


Carmen Erison is an Alberta artist who creates unique fluid art and resin handicrafts. Born and raised in St. Paul, Alberta, Carmen currently resides in Calgary. Her art pursuits began over 5 years ago when she attended a paint and sip at a local pub. From there she discovered a whole new passion in art that she thought she never had.  And the rest is history. 

From pouring paint onto canvases to delicate resin jewelry pieces, Carmen simply loves to create.  In 2019, Carmen was invited to exhibit at the RAW Natural Born Artists showcase in Calgary, AB.  After a successful showcase, Carmen returned for 2 additional showcases in 2020, 2021.  Her work can also be scene in Strathmore at The Vault Cultural Collective.  Carmen has exhibited twice in the Strathmore Municipal Library’s art gallery.

Although Carmen calls Calgary home, Strathmore holds a special place in her heart.  Carmen works as the Assistant Director of Library Services at the Strathmore Municipal Library. 



“Everyday I am inspired.  Which means most days my mind is circling with new ideas!  From browsing the aisles of a thrift store, to a simple stroll along the river; I see so many possibilities!  This beautiful world is full of inspiration, and I hope my creations brings inspiration to you!”  


Instagram @carmen_creates_yyc 

Facebook @carmencreatesyyc.