Peter Sotropa

In April 2021, we are saddened to cancel Peter Sotropa's art gallery showing due to libraries reverting back to curbside service.  This month, we are pleased to welcome back Peter to showcase is collection.  While the majority of pieces are not for sale, we encourage you to pop into the library and view his talented work.


Born 1946, in McLean Saskatchewan, Peter studied art at the University of Regina and received his BEd. degree in 1971.

Those who have most influenced his art are his mother who loved pencil sketches, his art prof who said, “You draw hands like turnips”, and Joe Fafard who told his class, “Art must be fun”.

Because of them, Peter allow my mind to roam freely his and my art is more about having fun than creating a masterpiece.

Check out Peter's acrylic works on his website at

June 2022 Gallery YouTube Video

April 2021 Gallery YouTube Video