Carol Johnstone

I am a Brit by birth which I never let people forget, but I am also a very proud Canadian citizen. I came to Canada in 1981 with my husband and our two children: Matt was 7 and Natalie was just 9 months. We lived in Calgary for 12 years then moved to Standard which, as it turned out, was a great move and gave me time to focus on a new adventure instead of the go-go-go of the Calgary lifestyle. I then had some me time in the evenings and tried a very small cross-stitch project for my daughter called "puppies" and lost myself in the project to the point of forgetting to do the laundry! From there, I started working on larger projects when, due to ill health, I had to find a beneficial way to fill my time and my larger pieces are the result. I am in my seventies and still love life, my husband, my two wonderful children, and my two very active grandsons.

Some of Carol's cross-stitch art: