Lorraine Everett O'Donoghue

Artist Biography

A native of Ontario, Lorraine has long called Alberta her home.  Since she can remember she knew without a doubt that she wanted to be an artist.  At a young age Lorraine had the privilege of being selected for a specialized after-school art program.  Later she was accepted into and completed the Commercial Arts studies, a four year program which included figure drawing, design, still life, and all aspects of commercial art.  She later joined an art group in Oshawa, Ontario.

Life has a way of taking you down many paths, marriage, children, jobs, mortgage, etc.  So it was with Lorraine, and her love for art and painting had to temporarily take a backseat to those commitments.

When she moved west she joined the Chestermere Fine Arts Guild and was able to throw herself back into the arts she loved so much.  Lorraine has a penchant for learning and is continually exploring new techniques and styles.