Carmen Peccie

Carmen Peccie has been a resident of Strathmore for almost 6 years and a hobbyist photographer for 40 years. At a young age she became interested in photography and enjoyed taking pictures on the many trips to the mountains that she did with her family. Her dad inspired her photography hobby and she learned a lot from watching him take incredible nature photos. Her favourite photographic subjects are her three dogs, flowers and plants, any animals, landscapes, and reflections. Her other hobbies include gardening, beekeeping, camping, and hiking with her dogs. These support her love for photography by supplying endless opportunities for more pictures! In this collection, “Along the Way” highlights pictures that were taken along the way to camping and hiking adventures. Carmen leaves the original color and lighting in her pictures so that you can see things exactly as she saw them. She hopes that her pictures transport you to a peaceful place, observing the amazing beauty of the outdoors.